Møllebesøg Middlegrunden

Copenhagen, Denmark


Details about the trip

  1. The date will be in Easter on the 25th March - 27th March. 
  2. There are 17 places.


Important Information

  1. People not enrolled in the University will need to purchase the £6 EEE membership.
  2. International students will need to apply for visas
  3. We will require a deposit to secure your place
  4. We will release further details at the end of the week!

The society's is planning an international trip on the 25th March to the 27th March to Mollebesog Middlegrunden which is a wind farm that is about 15mins to about half an hour away from Copenhagen.

The wind farm has a 40MW capacity coming from 20 turbines each 2MW, delivering nearly half of Copenhagen’s electricity and has a unique system of public ownership. During the trip, we will be provided with a guide that will explain the operation of the windfarm in detail and will be able to answer all our queries on the wind farm, the ownership system and energy policies in the country. We will thereafter be taking a boat out to the offshore wind farm and will have the opportunity to get on top of the 2MW turbines to get a up close and personal look at the workings of the turbine which we believe will be the highlight of the trip.

To take full advantage of our visit, we also plan on visiting the Diesel House Museum. It showcases one of the largest diesel engines made by B & W(Burmeister & Wain) and provides the company’s history as one of the largest manufactures of 2 stroke and 4 stroke diesel engines. The museum also has a centre to learn about diesel technology and it’s importance in the society.


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