Previous Events

Last year marked one of the most successful years for the society. We had exciting events and trips year round for our members to enjoy. A year of many firsts. Expect no less from our new enthusiastic committee. Keep watching the page for updates as we plan to add onto last years success.

Wales Trip

The society travelled to Wales to tour the Electric Mountain Power station, Dinorwig, where we got an appreciation for the generation of renewable source of energy using the fastest response turbine generators and gained an insight into the operation and management of the power station. We camped at Snowdon Base Camp, near the Power Station, and also had the fantastic challenge of hiking up Mount Snowdon, the third highest peak in the British Isles. The trip was made possible through the generous sponsorship from the IET.

Dance Your Socs Off Bar Crawl

This was perhaps the biggest bar crawl of the year, planned for by our committee, in association with 16 other societies. It had a turn out of over 1000 students!

EEESoc Members on top of Mount Snowdon

Weekly Arduino Sessions

We introduced Arduino sessions which offered our members a chance to learn to use an Arduino starting from simple projects and building onto more complex ones. For the final session, we had a completion to design a security system with the winning design taking away amazon vouchers!

Arduino Design Challenge in the Electnics and Control Lab


Throughout the year, the society had socials and themed nights (captioned) where members dressed up as resistors for a night out.


Students and members of the department came together for quiz nights while enjoying complementary refreshments and pizza on us. This gave the chance of to interact with students in the course and lecturers

Enlightnening Lectures

Through the two semesters we had lectures delivered by the IET on Biophonics and a negotiation workshop on creating win-win situations. Professor Farangi also delivered a talk on how interdisciplinary technology affects the healthcare system


For our international trip we set out to Amsterdam for tour of the Heineken factory. Members also had the opportunity to have a river boat tour and explore the plethora of restaurants, cafes and museums.

The Ball

The formal ball was reintroduced and had students from across the Electronic and Electrical department and staff come together for a night of entertainment and food. Check out our facebook page to view pictures from the event

To finish off the year, the society became a top 3 departmental society. We had our leaving president among the top 3 presidents in departmental societies and our leaving VP win the gold award for outstanding contribution in the Student’s Union Awards.

Join us in September this year to see what we have in store for you!